Why Prayer Is Essential for Our Kids

Nov 2, 2021

The world has deemed the church as non-essential. But we know that’s not true: the church is essential. Sound doctrine is essential. Prayer is essential. Our goal as staff at Grace Church is to equip each of you with these essentials. I’m excited that our church’s focus for many years has been prayer. And I’m thrilled Grace continues to extend this part of worship to us corporately. Prayer is such an incredible privilege we have as children of God. And I”m honored to introduce this great privilege to the youngest children of God among us through GraceKids.

I’m proud of all the ministries here at Grace. But we–the GraceKids team–believe we have the most critical role. We are setting the foundation for the youngest Prayer Warriors ever. Though many count them out because of their age, we do not. We are excited to serve these little sponges! We know that children are dear to the Lord’s heart: “but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14 EST). In GraceKids, we are helping them develop the foundation they will need to make war in the Spirit. We are helping children build their prayer lives, and we’re partnering with parents as they help their kids grow up in this forever-changing world.

We’re introducing prayer as part of worship–perhaps for the first time to some. We explain what prayer is and help kids become comfortable with private and public prayer. In doing this, we prepare them to be powerful Christians as they enter their teenage years and grow into adults committed to Christ.

Are you a parent? Pray with your kids. Are you a grandparent? Pray with those grandkids! Are you an auntie or uncle? PRAY WITH THOSE KIDS! Encourage your kids–not only to pray–but to feel confident in prayer. And bring your kids to GraceKids. We want to equip them–and you–so they can pray powerfully.

Vesta Green Sr.

GraceKids Director

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