We’ve Been Censored…

Nov 4, 2021

Dear Grace Family,

We are being censored!

Sadly, this is something we knew was coming. The right to free speech has been under attack across our nation for a while now, with churches and thought leaders alike being blocked or otherwise silenced with alarming frequency. Now, it’s happening to us.

Our 11 am message from this past weekend was flagged and taken down by YouTube based on the accusation we’ve violated their community guidelines. They have also issued a warning in relation to comments that could be construed as questioning the vaccine, despite us offering direct sources so viewers can check and decide for themselves. They are so determined to prevent debate on the official narrative that they even took down one individual’s video in which he simply read info from the CDC’s own website.

Thankfully, we have backed-up all of our services and offer several alternatives for those still wishing to view them. One way to avoid censorship is by viewing messages directly on our website at gracestl.org/messages. Here you can access all of our latest services and even search by series title. Another way would be to download the Grace Church app and click on the message tab. We also offer live-streaming, which you can access from our main webpage.

Rest assured; we are not going to back down or let this get us down. We are going to continue to speak the truth and go hard after God in prayer to reveal what is hidden and to guide our every step. Currently, we are looking into alternative platforms to host our content, so that we can combat this issue in the future.

We thank you for your prayers and support,


Ron Tucker

Senior Pastor

Grace Church – St. Louis

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