Sing out the honor of His name; Make His praise glorious.
— Psalm 66:2

Since its founding in 1978, Grace Church has focused on praising God in such a way that people begin to see how good He really is. That has been true of both our corporate worship and our teaching.

We want people to learn as we did that God is everything the Bible says He is — loving, merciful, just, compassionate, all powerful, all knowing, and so much more. We want the joy of our worship and the truth of our teaching to honor God so that others are drawn to Him as well.


You’ll Fit Right In

Grace is a family of people who are passionate about God and taking news of His love to people everywhere. We’re interdenominational so our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from atheism to Catholicism to Baptist. Each week we meet to express our hearts to God in worship and to hear teaching that helps us apply eternal Biblical truth and wisdom to our 21st century lives.

What to Expect

Churches vary a lot so services at Grace may not look or sound anything like church as you've known or imagined it. We come together to get to know God in a relaxed, joyful environment.

Some of us encountered God for the first time at Grace. Others had a relationship with God for years before coming here. Regardless of where you are spiritually, we welcome you to come as you are and be inspired through worship, encouraged by the message, welcomed in our community and reminded that God is for you!

Weekend Worship Services

Three identical weekend services packed with worship, teaching and prayer. Join us Saturday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 9 & 11am.

Wednesdays Worship Services

Every Wednesday we enjoy worship and teaching at 7pm in the Atrium Chapel. On the 1st Wednesday of the month, we typically meet in the Auditorium instead and share communion during the service.

Prayer & Worship Services

We meet every Thursday from Noon–2pm in The Foundry at the far end of our campus. On Tuesdays from Noon–1pm we worship in the Prayer Chapel off the Auditorium. On the 1st and 3rd Sundays we pray together from 4–6 pm in the Auditorium.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the same Biblical truths that have been held sacred since the time of Christ. We affirm truths that are unchangeable, yet fresh and applicable for each new generation. We cling to the core but refuse to be sidetracked by debatable, secondary issues that are more likely to cause strife than to promote spiritual growth. Here are the basics we hold dear.

Keys to Spiritual Growth