Women of Grace & Friends!

Let’s gather together to be loved — and to give love away! The Conversation is about real talk with real women about real life Issues, and it’s done in the presence of a real Savior. Come and join us for this free, heart-changing event. Continental breakfast Included.


If you are feeling dull, come and be sharpened.

If you are feeling lonely, come feel His presence.

If you are feeling confused, come get a revelation.

If you are a nurturer, come and be a spiritual mother.

If you are friendly, come and be a friend.

If you have been freely given, come and freely give away.

Come to The Conversation!


Saturday, April 24, 2021
10–11:30 am in the Upper Atrium


For more information, please contact Pat Clardy at 314-369-5026 or pclardy@gracestl.org

RSVP for childcare at 314-292-8300 x2164 or KSimpson@GraceSTL.org


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