Our Anchor of Hope Ministry has multiple support groups offering safe places to share common
struggles, gain encouragement and support one another with compassion. No matter what
hardships you may be facing, there is a place for you. We have groups to support those suffering
due to divorce, cancer, addiction, grief, past guilt and much more.



We have a support group for you. Click the “+” for more info!

Cancer Support

We offer one-on-one support and encouragement for those in treatment for cancer and their caregivers.

Contact: Pam Butler

Financial Meltdown / Distress from Divorce or Death

Guidance and review of financial/taxes/credit and estate issues arising from divorce and/or death.

Contact: David, 314.422.0626 •


Grief Support

We offer one-on-one help for those struggling with grief. Call for confidential help.

Contact: Rachel Klein


Surrendering the Secret (Healing from Abortion)

Find the path to healing grief and shame and a renewed sense of hope and purpose for the future.

Contact: Janice 314-614-6372


Safe Harbor (Domestic Violence/Women)

Trained caregivers provide confidential and compassionate spiritual support as they walk with you in crisis.

Contact: Sherryl, 314-712-7688 • 


Senior Care

One-on-one help for those who need education on senior care issues – dementia care, long-term care issues, nursing home, assisted living, and residential care.

Contact: Cheryl, 314.283.0943 •


Sexual Addiction (Women)

Confidential help for women who are struggling with sexual addiction or are survivors of sexual abuse.

Contact: Kathy, 314-477-4959 •



Sooner or later, we all face a crisis, struggle through difficult seasons or need a sounding board. Our team is ready when you do. They’ll give you confidential, Christ-centered care so you don’t have to walk alone through grief, loneliness, divorce, hospitalization, disability, job loss, marriage difficulties or other life challenges.

These aren’t licensed psychological counselors but mature Christian disciples who can help you see how to apply the truths in God’s Word to the problems in your life. We have men to counsel men, women to counsel women and some of each to counsel couples. Contact a member of our team to get on the road to healing.




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