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Temperament Assessment

Select the circle on the grid where you would naturally fall between the two options. Keep in mind that you should answer according to how you really feel and as if there were absolutely no consequences or expectations you would have to face.

How are you energized?

If it is up to me, I prefer to:
Do something for someone   <-- -->   Be with someone
While doing a group task, I generally will focus on:
Accomplishing the goal   <-- -->   The relationships within the group with whom I am working
I get the most excited about opportunities where I can:
Advance a specific cause   <-- -->   Help others feel connected
I feel the strongest sense of accomplishment when I have:
Finished a job   <-- -->   Spent time with other people
It is more important to start a meeting:
At a scheduled time   <-- -->   After everyone has arrived
When working within a group, I am generally more concerned about:
Meeting the deadlines   <-- -->   Keeping everyone working as a team
I am most impressed by those who:
Take action   <-- -->   Communicate clearly

How are you organized?

In my opinion guidelines should be:
General   <-- -->   Very specific
Im more comfortable when I can:
Leave my options open   <-- -->   Settle on something definite
I enjoy projects much more when they are:
Filled with variety   <-- -->   Routine & scheduled
I find it freeing to be able to:
Play it by ear   <-- -->   Have a set plan
When I follow a schedule or have to stick to a routine, I find it:
Mundane & boring   <-- -->   Restful & secure
I prefer to:
Be spontaneous   <-- -->   Have set plans
I can get more accomplished by:
Working things out as I go   <-- -->   Planning out step-by-step procedures