Grace Church
Serve By God's Design

Passions Assessment

In order to computerize passions, we had to choose "passion code words" that describe the passions of the particular volunteer positions available here at Grace. Many volunteer positions contain five or even more "passion code words" as various aspects of the ministry or position might fulfill different passions.

There are three different categories of passion code words. The INTERESTS, the AGE AND GENDER GROUPS and the STATUS GROUPS. Everyone should choose the top three or four from the INTEREST GROUPS. However, the AGE AND GENDER and the STATUS GROUP codes should ONLY be chosen IF you want to work with only that specific age, gender or status group.

The INTERESTS "passion code words" we use are listed first. Go through the list, carefully reading the description of EACH code word. Prioritize the top three (no more than four) words that best apply to your own unique passion statement. Remember that passion is something that is of utmost importance to you.


Select the top three "interest" code words in importance to you and that best fit your passion statement.

Big Picture For the overall picture and how to make it run
Equip For leading others into service (supervisory roles)
Smooth For order, targeted ministry, a smooth flow
Food For providing meals or snacks during class, service, function, etc.
Care For people to feel cared about and for
Communication For informing attendees about Grace & Grace activities, events, etc.
Safe For things & environment to be safe, secure, protected, screened ...
Welcome For people to feel welcome
Fun For adding fun to a function, event, class, etc.
Community For building relationships among Christians, fellowship, friendships ...
Unique Design For the individual to discover their significance, gifts, passion, style
Spiritual For helping others grow spiritually, in biblical knowledge, wisdom
Intervention For God to intervene with power, grace, etc. in situations
Freedom For individuals to experience freedom from bondage, sin, habits, addictions, past, etc.
Song/Music For the worship and music part of a ministry
Quality For creating excellence in the service, ministry, etc.
Pets For providing loving care for animals and pets


Check codes from this group ONLY if you want to work in these areas EXCLUSIVELY.

Infants Newborn through 23 months
Toddlers Age 2 through Kindergarten
Children Elementary grades 1 through 5
Junior High Grades 6 through 8
Senior High Grades 9 through 12
Young Adults College age – 18 to early 20s
Mid-Adults Mid 20s to late 30s
Late Adults Late 30s to late 40s
Senior Adults Over age 50
All Adults All adults age 18 and over
Males Ministry to male groups only
Females Ministry to female groups only


Check codes from this list ONLY if you want to work in these groups EXCLUSIVELY.

Abused Any type of abuse
Addictions Any type of addiction
Physically & Terminally Ill Any illness
Mentally Handicapped Adult mentally handicapped ONLY
Physically Challenged Adult physically challenged ONLY
Incarcerated (& Family) Prisoners and/or their family members
Emotional Health Any emotional struggle, depression, etc.
Grief Loss of a significant loved one
Financial Need Financial need regardless of causes
Single Not currently married
Married Currently married
Divorced/Separated Currently divorced or separated or going through it
Widowed Loss of spouse ONLY
Engaged Planning to be married in near future
Parents All parents, single or married
Single Parents Single parents ONLY