Grace Church
Serve By God's Design

Spiritual Gift Assessment

We created this Gifts Assessment as a tool to help you discover the spiritual gifts that God has designed into your unique makeup.

It has been tested for accurate results; however, it is usually through actual hands on service that we best identify our specific gifts. This assessment is simply a tool for helping you get started in serving God.

Others feel strongly that I understand and accept them for whom they are.
Being able to motivate or encourage another person is a goal in my life, so whenever I see an opportunity to compliment someone I do so.
I would readily use my skills to help wherever needed.
I look for opportunities to give to people in financial need and I do so joyfully.
I look for opportunities to build relationships with people in hopes of leading them to Christ.
I spend time studying in order to present accurate information that can make a difference in the lives of others.
I find it fulfilling and enjoy being involved in long-term relationships where I can guide and encourage others.
I think an important thing I can do for the church is to make others feel welcome and comfortable, especially if they are new attendees.
When I hear about needy situations or individuals, the first thing I do is pray.
I am a person who can see the "big picture" and then clearly articulate it to others, motivating and influencing them to help achieve it.
I notice when a function isn't very organized, and I'm able to see ways to improve it so that it runs more efficiently.
People seem to come to me for help when they've messed up. I stand by them as they make steps to get back on the right track.
I look for opportunities where I can encourage other individuals.
I feel useful when I can do practical tasks for others.
I would be willing to limit my own lifestyle and spending so that I could give a greater percentage of my income to God's work.
I openly will tell others what Jesus has done for me.
I find myself explaining what I've learned to others because I want to help them grow spiritually and personally.
People come to me knowing that I will care for them and will help give them direction.
I would welcome the opportunity to use my home as a base for regular Bible study or friendship evangelism meetings.
When I hear about a need, I pray and keep on praying until I feel inside that God is saying I can stop, even if this takes a long time.
When I join a group, people tend to look to me for ideas and direction.
Before a proposed change is made, I can usually foresee the potential complications that might arise as a result of its implementation.
I patiently support, in any way I can, those going through painful experiences as they try to stabilize their lives.
I can usually tell when a person is discouraged or disheartened and I try to find a way to cheer them up.
I feel that I can help out when needed by serving and doing small tasks.
When talking to someone, I find myself listening to see if they have a particular material need I could help supply
I can adapt the gospel message so that it connects with an individual's felt need.
I would enjoy studying Bible history; do topical studies or use concordances, dictionaries and Bible commentaries to gain more insight into the Bible so that I could share what I've learned with others.
I will stick with a person and help guide them until they overcome a situation or problem.
It seems like people in need come across my path so that I can help them myself or connect them to someone who can.
I receive inner direction on how to pray for specific situations.
I have a knack for selecting the right people to accomplish a goal.
I'm good at organizing and designing forms that help simplify a process or help provide an efficient means of accomplishing a task.
I sympathize with others and, even when they fail, I want to give them another chance.
If I know someone is confused or hurt, I make an extra effort to encourage, advise or comfort them.
I would gladly relieve others of routine tasks to free them for other needed responsibilities.
I believe I have been given an abundance of resources in order to be able to give more to God's work.
I can communicate the gospel to others with clarity and I can be effective.
People tell me that I've helped them learn because I communicate clearly and effectively.
I have a special compassion for those who struggle with sin and I will attempt to protect them and guide them back in the right direction.
The idea of having a spare bedroom or living quarters in my home that could be used as temporary housing for a visiting pastor or missionary sounds appealing to me.
I regularly pray for long periods of time. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night to pray.
I adjust my leadership style as needed to bring out the best in others so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.
When a specific goal has been set, I can see the steps needed to accomplish it and can set that process in motion.
I look beyond a person's handicaps, problems or physical attributes and see a life that matters.
In a group, I'm drawn to the person who seems to need a friend or a kind word and I try to give it to them.
I recognize the spiritual significance of doing practical tasks, so if a person seems overwhelmed, I will try to find out if there is anything I can do to help them.
I think that God will meet my needs so I will be able to give sacrificially or consistently.
If I sat next to a stranger for any length of time, before we parted company I would talk with them about spiritual things.
When someone is teaching, I am attentive to how they speak (their words and phrases) and to what they say (their explanations and meanings).
I will take responsibility for providing guidance to the whole person - relationally, emotionally and spiritually.
Providing food and lodging to those in need gives me a feeling of usefulness and fulfillment.
I have seen specific results in direct response to my prayers.
When in a group, I can see how each person could contribute and I find ways to get them involved.
I tend to look for more efficient ways to complete tasks.