Rod & Ellie’s Update from Zimbabwe

Hello friends!

Multiple pieces of color continue to tumble into the kaleidoscope of our lives. The news happens so fast, it is hard to catch it all. Continuous travel does not make for an uneventful life. Happenings are everywhere!

Fish for Nacala Women’s Conference. Thanks to some generous competitors at Nacala Reel Runners and Gunners who shared their catch with us.

Early morning Holy Communion with Afrika wa Yesu Women who came from various areas to participate in the conference. It was a very precious time together. Well done to Pastora Lurdes Jo, Esperanca and the others who worked hard to make it a great success.

The women waving goodbye as we took off for the airport to fly to Inhaminga.

Crossing the Zambezi river. We had taken off into the sunshine not knowing there was drizzle and dark clouds ahead. Our GPS failed to show our location, we were happy to recognize the river. Mungari bush airstrip is difficult to see from the air on a misty day. Ten minutes before landing our GPS responded in answer to my fervent prayers! It was great to see that Captain Hein was exactly on track through using the instruments.

Inhaminga, love of our life.
So gorgeous due to some lovely early rain.

A crested guinea fowl walks ahead of me through our beautiful forest.

Empty Camp Fire. Sending love to all Team scattered all over. ‘Miss you all!

Casa Esperanca Graduation at Inhaminga wa Yesu church was very special. What a great job the Team did in decorating, preparing everything, making the graduation caps and cloaks. The parents were so proud of their children.

Here one of the girls prays out loud in front of a full church. Though very young, she prayed with passion. Very touching.

Off to Zimbabwe….Uncertain weather called for the wheels of our 4X4 Toyota. Slick black mud, if you slip off the side you stay there, unless you have a winch. Out the black mud into the red, passing a few obstacles on the hill.

Stopping to minister at Gorongosa wa Yesu on the way.

Army tanks started rolling into the capital city, Harare. What was happening? The Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa had recently been fired by Mugabe, the former having recently survived poisoning, fled for his life on foot into Mozambique. The hated and feared Grace, wife of Mugabe commonly known as DisGrace, being behind the plot to be rid of him. Zimbabwe has long been on its economic knees and the people long since on their knees praying for deliverance from the rule of Mugabe. Now a shift in the political plates of the nation was beginning to move. Grace was the threat replacement of the Vice President, lined up to take over from Mugabe. Zimbabwe now faced the danger of falling into the hungry arms of Grace Mugabe, in whose presence Mugabe, the ‘Hitler of Africa,’ was fast paling.

Mnangagwa had the backing of the military, did the moving in of the tanks have anything to do with making way for the exiled ‘Crocodile’ to return?

The powers that be in the military began to call for all people to march in protest for the removal of Mugabe. 37 years in power, he had managed to turn the bread basket of Africa into a basket case with an unemployment rate of more than 90%.

The unthinkable happened. The military and the people stood together in a common cause, the people flooded the capital in their thousands, flanked by the army. Those they had feared now supported the march. “Mugabe Must Go!”


The army insisted it was not a coup, keeping the whole scenario ‘legal’. Where in the world, least of all in Africa, does one see a transfer of power without bloodshed? It is miraculous, and we all coo with happiness.


Shop Lootings: 0
Deaths: 0
Injuries: 0
Shots Fired: 0
Tear Gas: 0
Destruction of Property: 2 (One Robert Mugabe Road sign, one political banner)


Years and years of police corruption and abuse has eroded the confidence of the people. Unrealistic fines for ridiculous reasons has rendered every journey, and even moving around town doing one’s business, a nightmare. A book could be written about the police of Zimbabwe. It would be a ridiculous book, including things like being fined for having mud on your car in spite of just coming off a dirt road in the rain. Now with the army in control, we experienced a few days with no traffic cops, no policemen wielding batons and sticks. It seemed peace and goodwill had finally come on earth in Zimbabwe. They are now back on the job, we are waiting to see if there is any change in their behaviour, this will be the chief sign of improvement.

THE HITLER OF AFRICA DISGRACED. As some are saying, ‘Mugabe has fallen from Grace.’

THE CROCODILE SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT When the people are happy to have a crocodile for a president because it is better than the former, you’ve got to scratch your head, and be grateful for any improvement. All this happened within the space of a week.


This is but a brief recount, there is so much more that could be written and a whole lot more that we don’t know. Somewhere in the midst of it all, true justice will finally come to each person; some in this world, others only in the next. Justice shall surely prevail.


Our new President, Mnangagwa, alias the ‘Crocodile’ is the new hope of the country. Many say that because of his close 37 year alliance with Mugabe he is simply as a snake that has shed its old skin and is now wears a new skin. In the natural this is not encouraging, but we are believing for a good transition to a better life for all Zimbabweans.

When I was 12 years old ‘The Crocodile’ was leader of the ‘Crocodile Gang’ a group that murdered the father of a girl in my class. He was ambushed on the road and stabbed till he died. This was the first incident of terror in the small-town district where I grew up. It was one of my first encounters with Africa’s violence. Thus knowing the Crocodile is now in full power brings uncertainty, but knowing Mugabe and his wife are out makes room for great hope.

So many events in such quick succession, not knowing what was going to happen next! It was the sight of the people marching together with the army that got to me. Too often we have seen the gun in violent abuse against the people. Now, seeing the people and soldiers take one another by the hand and embracing one another moved me to tears. This is how it should be. Something fell into place, ‘this is the will of God, the army protecting the people, instead of abusing them.’ Whatever the future holds, this is a moment that we will not forget.

Also, to see the rejoicing of the people, and to hear the shouts and commotion all over town when it was finally announced that Mugabe had agreed to resign. Impeachment process was already in action, he took the easier way out.

Thank you friends for standing with us in prayer and support!


We love you, we value you highly,
Rod & Ellie
and all at Afrika Wa Yesu