Marriage is one of the greatest gifts God gives us, and we are excited to help couples begin their new life together.

Here are a few things you should know about weddings at Grace:

  • Not all weddings “at Grace” are at Grace! Grace pastors perform weddings off campus as well.
  • We hate to tell members of the church that they can’t get married here because the rooms are booked. So to make sure the facility is available to members as often as possible, we do not perform weddings on campus for couples who are not officially members of the church.
  • To get married at Grace or by a Grace pastor, a couple must go through counseling with that pastor and attend the Grace to Love Seminar. This one-weekend class covering essential truths and skills for marriage is offered three times a year.
  • Grace adheres to the Biblical definition of marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman.

For more info about getting married at Grace, look at our Wedding Planner. It gives you all the policies and procedures and even gives you some ideas to help you plan your wedding. If you wish to talk with someone about getting married at Grace, call Gloria at 314-292-8300.

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