Growing in Prayer

Discover your true relationship with God and the goodness that prayer can bring into your life.

Prayer Book

This book does two things. It explains the basics of prayer and it provides sample prayers that we can pray whenever we run out of ideas of what to say.

You can read it online or save it to read later offline.

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Praying Church

In these short video clips you’ll find simple and basic tools to help grow your prayer life and also learn how to do it together. Wes also addresses our commitment here at Grace Church to be a praying church and the model we’ve adopted in our larger prayer gatherings. This model consists of bringing music, worship, singing and praying the Scriptures all together.

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Prayer Meetings

We hold corporate prayer meetings on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 4-6pm in the Auditorium and every Thursday at 12pm in the Foundry. During that time we have extended worship and focused prayer for our families, the church and our nation. Free child care is available by contacting our childcare in advance.

Prayer Guide

Fasting Guide

Prayer Requests