10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage

Study Material: 2 DVDs; Book; Leader Guide

Speaker / Distributor: David & Claudia Arp / HarperCollins-Zondervan

Subject / Description: Spark fresh romance through memory-making evenings built on marriage-enriching themes. Communicate better, process anger and resolve conflicts, set realistic goals, build a creative sex life, develop spiritual intimacy, balance busy lifestyles and more.

40 Days of Community: Better Together

Study Material: 1 DVD (6 sessions); Small Group Participant Guides available by order ($5 each) Speaker /

Distributor: Rick Warren / Saddleback

40 Days of Love: We Were Made for Relationships

Study Material: 1 DVD (6 sessions); Small Group Study Guide; additional guides available by order ($5 each)

Speaker / Distributor: Rick Warren / Saddleback

Subject / Description: In this small group study, Rick Warren teaches that learning to love God & others is to be our highest goal, our greatest aim, our first priority, our deepest aspiration, our strongest ambition, our constant focus, our passionate intention & our dominant life value. The more we learn how to love authentically, the more we become like Jesus. 1–Love Matters Most 4–Love is Forgiving 2–Love is Patient, Love is Kind 5–Love is Not Selfish 3–Love Speaks the Truth 6–The Habits of a Loving Heart

40 Days of Purpose

Study Material: 1 video (6 sessions); Small Group Study Guides (green) OR Small Group Edition Study Guides (blue); either guide available by order ($5 each)

Speaker / Distributor: Rick Warren / Saddleback

Active Christian Parenting

Study Material: 2 videos (6 sessions); Leader Guide; Parent Guide

Speaker / Distributor: Augsburg Fortress

Subject / Description: Based on the popular Active Parenting Today parent education program, this study combines skill-based parenting strategies with a focus on Christian values and practice, giving parents the tools they need to improve their parenting skills and foster their children’s faith development. The video vignettes trigger discussion and model skills. For the preschool to preteen years.

Angels on Assignment

Author: Charles / Frances Hunter

Subject / Description: In this intriguing book, Roland Buck describes his personal encounters with angels and what the Bible tells us about these messengers of God. You’ll find out how God’s messengers impact your own life and how God is using angels to help usher in the great end–times harvest of souls before the return of Jesus. As you become aware of the remarkable role of these messengers of God, you’ll gain increased faith and confidence in God’s plan for your life, for the ministry of believers, and for the salvation of multitudes of people leading to the second coming of Christ.

Anxious For Nothing – God’s Cures for the Cares of Your Soul

Author: John MacArthur Subject /

Description: Grounded in the scriptures, this books reminds us that God understands our struggles and has equipped us with the resources to not only face, but also to truly triumph over our anxieties.

Be Still and Know That I Am God

Study Material: 1 DVD (4 sessions); Participant’s Guide

Speaker / Distributor: Bill Donahue, Amy & Judge Reinhold, Beth Moore / Willow Creek

Subject / Description: We need to learn to be still and take time to reconnect with God. You will learn about and experience the peace and power of “listening” prayer. Sections include DVD segments as well as discussion, practice and individual reflection. 1–What is Contemplative Prayer? 2–Silence and Scripture: The Core of Contemplative Prayer 3–Lectio Divina: The Practice of Contemplative Prayer 4–Connecting Personally with God.

Believing God: Experiencing a Fresh Explosion of Faith

Study Material: 6 DVDs (10 sessions); Leader Guide; Member book

Speaker / Distributor: Beth Moore / LifeWay Church Resources

Subject / Description: Do you believe God or merely believe in Him? Based on Isaiah 43:10, this study explores what it means to believe God through studying the lives of Abraham, Moses and others (from Hebrews 11) as examples of persons who believed God. Believing:

1–God for your promised land
2–God is who He says He is
3–God can do what He says He can do
4–you are who God says you are
5–you can do all things through Christ 6–God’s Word is alive and active in you
7–God has been there all along
8–God to get you to your Gilgal
9–God when victory demands your all 10–God for the rest of your days

Best Is Yet to Come, The

Author: John H. Kieschnick Subject /

Description: Kieschnick explores seven doors of spiritual growth — witness, worship, connections, prayer, study, service and giving — and exposes how Jesus is behind each door. Also included are group study questions for digging deeper and leader tips.

Bible Book Series

Author: Bob Yandian Subject /

Description: These books offer excellent verse-by-verse commentary and make for meaningful study. They are not formatted for group discussion. The leader would need to prepare good discussion questions for each chapter.

• EPHESIANS – The Maturing of the Saints
• GALATIANS – The Spirit-Controlled Life
• PROVERBS – Principles of Wisdom
• SALT & LIGHT – The Sermon on the Mount

Bible Study Methods

Author / Publisher: Rick Warren / Zondervan Subject /

Description: This book gives you 12 methods for studying the bible. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the how-tos of the following methods: Devotional/Chaper Summary/Character Quality/Thematic/Biographical/ Topical/Word Study/Book Background/Book Survey/Chapter Analysis/ Book Synthesis/Verse Analysis

Biblical Financial Study

Study Material: Small Group Student Manual; Small Group Practical Application Workbook

Author / Publisher: Crown Financial Ministries

Big Picture of the Bible – Old Testament

Author: Lorna Daniels Nichols

Subject / Description: What is the Old Testament all about? How are the stories and people of those ancient times interconnected? How do the events of thousands of years ago relate to us today? This book summarizes biblical stories and events in an easy-to-read format and organizes the events in historical sequence, which provides continuity and understanding of the overall message of the Old Testament. Readers will be able to see how Jesus Christ fulfills the plan of God laid out in the Old Testament. This book, usable as an individual or group study, is available in Grace Bookstore.

Big Picture of the Bible – New Testament

Author: Lorna Daniels Nichols

Subject / Description: Journey through the New Testament and see how the story of Jesus translates to Good News for us today. This book begins with the 400-year period between the Old and New Testaments. Readers are then led through Scripture from Matthew to Revelation. Written in the same easy-to-read format as the Big Picture of the Bible – Old Testament, readers are guided through the story of Jesus’ life on earth – His birth, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection – and the apostles’ work in spreading the Good News. This book is available in Grace Bookstore.


Study Material: 10 DVDs (6 sessions)

Speaker / Distributor: Henry Cloud, John Townsend / Cloud-Townsend Communications

Subject / Description: 1–It takes two to make one 2–What you value is what you’ll have 3–Three’s a crowd: protecting your marriage from intruders 4–Becoming more lovable: boundaries on yourself 5–Solving conflict with a boundary loving spouse 6–Solving conflict with a boundary resistant spouse

Boundaries in Dating and Marriage

Study Material: 6 videos (6 sessions)

Speaker / Distributor: Henry Cloud, John Townsend / Cloud-Townsend Communications

Subject / Description: 1–It takes two to make one 2–What you value is what you’ll have 3–Three’s a crowd: protecting your marriage from intruders 4–Becoming more lovable: boundaries on yourself 5–Solving conflict with a boundary loving spouse 6–Solving conflict with a boundary resistant spouse

Breaking Free: Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life

Study Material: 6 DVDs; Leader Guide; Book

Speaker / Distributor: Beth Moore / LifeWay

Subject / Description: Most Christians today do not enjoy the abundant life God intended (to know and believe Him, glorify Him, find satisfaction in Him, experience His peace and enjoy His presence). Based on Isaiah 61:1-4, this in-depth study draws parallels between the captive Israelites and today’s believers and leads you through the scriptures to discover the transforming power of Christian freedom.

Breaking the Cycle of Hurtful Family Experiences

Authors: Robert S McGee, Pat Springle, Jim Craddock

Subject / Description: Our ideas about how to relate to others and to God are often shaped by faulty ideas from our past. This book identifies harmful patterns and helps us experience healthy relationships and God’s love. (Periodically, this is offered as one of the Support/Recovery/Healing classes at Grace.)

Business by the Book Workshop

Study Material: Leader Guide with CD in back of book

Author / Publisher: Larry Burkett, Howard Dayton, David Rae / Crown Financial Ministries Subject / Description: Achieving true success in your marketplace

Call for Character, A

Author: Greg Zoschak

Subject / Description: This is an excellent book for character development. Each chapter defines a particular fruit of the Spirit, explains what it will accomplish in the life of the believer, and offers practical insight on how that fruit can be developed. Although no discussion questions are included in the book, the format of each chapter would lend itself to good discussion. We highly recommended this because the material is so excellent.

Called to Influence

Study Material: 4 audio CDs (Intro + 11 sessions); Coordinator Guide; Group Member Guide

Speaker / Distributor: THRiVE Women’s Study

Subject / Description: 1–The Power of Influence
2–Going Deeper With God
3–Knowing What You Believe
4–Reflecting His Character
5–Protecting His Priorities
6–Understanding our Uniqueness
7–Influencing the Ones You Love
8–Being His body
9–Facing Life’s Obstacles
10–Touching Your World
11–Reaching Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Case for Christ, The

Author: Lee Strobel Subject /

Description: Lee Strobel was an atheist who interviewed the experts with questions about Christianity intending to discredit Christianity. What he found was that verdict pointed to Jesus being exactly who the Bible said He was. This book presents logical rational answers to help you respond to the questions people have about why you believe what you believe. (Periodically, this is offered as one of the Frontline classes at Grace.)

Case for Faith, The

Author: Lee Strobel

Subject / Description: Have you ever wondered how to answer tough questions? Why should the death of one man 2000 years ago make a difference in my life today? Why should I accept the Bible as being more important than other religious books in the world? Why should I believe in a creator God versus the scientific proven facts of evolution? Lee Strobel puts forth understandable reasons why you should believe in Christ and in His Word. (Periodically, this is offered as one of the Frontline classes at Grace.)

Celebration of Discipline

Author: Richard J. Foster

Subject / Description: Dividing the Disciplines into three movements of the spirit, Foster shows how each movement contributes to a balance spiritual life. This book will help motivate Christians everywhere to embark on a journey of prayer and spiritual growth.

Celebration of Discipline – Study Guide

Author: Richard J. Foster

Subject / Description: A series of brief, incisive essays that expand the discussion begun in Celebration of Discipline. These essays focus and clarify key issues and encourage a fuller understanding and practice of the spiritual disciplines.

CNN Library of DVDs

July 2004

  • Broadcast: Six Tough Questions for the Church

September 2004

-When the Enemy Strikes — Dr. Charles Stanley
– Pastor to Pastor: The Emotionally Healthy Pastor — HB London, John Ortberg, Dr. Richard Blackman
– Breaking Free — Bruce Wilkinson, Stormie Omartian, Dr. John Townsend
– The Case for the Creator — Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, Dr. Stephanie Meyer

October 2004

The Case for the Creator — no speaker listed; see above

January 2006

– Transcendent Character Leadership — Dr. Henry Cloud
– Pastor to Pastor: The Spiritually Vital Leader — HB London, Dallas Willard, John Ortberg
– Preparing Your Daughter for Every Young Woman’s Battle — Shannon Ethridge
– Groups That Grow: No Perfect People Here — Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue
– Becoming Women Who Change the World — George Barna, Michele Borquez, Constance Rhodes
– Lift Up Your Voice — Beth Moore, David Jeremiah, Jerry Rankin, Carrie McDonnell Travis Cottrell
– Generous Giving: Creating a Culture of Generosity in Your Church — Bob Coy, Dr. Joseph Stowell

February 2006

– Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch — Lee & Leslie Strobel
– A New Year, A New You (three) — Valerie Bell, Shaunti Feldmahn, Dr. Linda Mintle
– Strategic Leadership — George Barna, Greg Hawkins, Ruth Rasmus
– Groups That Grow: Getting Connected from Day One — Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue

March 2006

  • The Intentional Church — Randy Pope
  • Mobilizing High-Capacity Lay Leaders — Lloyd Reeb, Bill Wellons
  • Groups That Grow: Starting at the End — Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue
  • Leading Kids to Christ: Part One–Key Dynamics for Communication with Kids and Part Two–How to Share Jesus With Children — David Staal
  • Attitudes and Aptitudes: The Art of Getting Leaders to Work Together —George Barn
    Arthur Miller
  • The DaVinci Code Evangelism Training Event — Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, Ken Baugh, Dr. Paul Maier
  • Ultimate Leadership: Taking Ownership of the Outcome — Dr. Henry Cloud

April 200

  • Ministry and Marriage: When Leaders Live Together — John & Nancy Ortberg
  • Groups That Grow: Building the Guardrails — Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue
  • The Character of a Leader — George Barna, Kevin Mannoia
  • Ultimate Leadership: The Authentic Leader — Dr. John Townsend
  • Better Than Good — Zig Ziglar

August 2006

  • Pyromarketing — Greg Stielstra
  • Becoming a Better Communicator in Your Marriage — Jim Burns
  • Good Sense Retirement Planning Workshop — Dick Towner
  • Ultimate Leadership: Becoming Fruitful in Leadership — Dr. Henry Cloud
  • How to Grow a High Impact-Church: The Law of Design — Chip Ingram
  • Groups That Grow: Responding to People in Pain — Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue

October 2006

  • Listen to Your Life — Valorie Burton
  • Ultimate Leadership: How Good Leaders Handle Negative Realities — Dr. Henry Cloud
  • How to Grow a High-Impact Church: The Law of Dependency — Chip Ingram
  • Bringing Affection, Warmth, and Encouragement (A.W.E.) Into Your Marriage — Jim Burns
  • Groups That Grow: Processing Transitions — Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue

January 2007

  • Permission to Breath: Reclaiming Your Best Self — Lynne Hybels, Lisa Hartmen
  • Shaped By God’s Heart: The Passions and Practices of Missional Churches — Milfred Minatrea
  • Groups That Grow: Going Deeper — Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue
  • How to Grow a High-Impact Church: The Law of Inspiration — Chip Ingram
  • Exploring Judaism — Mark Mittelberg, Al Goldman, Michael Rydelnik
  • Ultimate Leadership: A Growth Plan for Leaders — Dr. Henry Cloud

February 2007

  • What’s Holding You Back? — Valorie Burton
  • Conversations That Change Lives: The Art of Engaging in Spiritual Conversations —
  • George Baron, Jim Henderson, Steve Russo
  • Groups That Grow: Sharing the Leadership Load — Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue
  • How to Grow a High-Impact Church: The Law of Focus — Chip Ingram
  • Preventing and Treating Childhood Obesity — Dr. Walt Larimore
  • Ultimate Leadership: A Leader Who Confronts Successfully — Dr. John Townsend

March 2007

  • Seismic Shifts — Kevin Harvey
  • Creating Innovative Outreach Events — Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelburg
  • Groups That Grow: A Time to Laugh — Bill Donahue, Dr. Henry Cloud
  • How to Grow a High Impact Church: The Law of Community — Chip Ingram, Brett Robbe
  • Ultimate Leadership: The Worst Sickness a Leader Can Have — Dr. Henry Cloud
  • The Myths of Management of ADHD — Dr. Walt Larimore

April 2007

  • Revolutionary Parenting — G Barna
  • Turn Your Life Around — T Clinton
  • Why Not You? Building Authentic Confidence (Part 1) — V Burton
  • Groups That Grow: Coaching Life–Changing Leaders — H Cloud, B Donahue
  • Ultimate Leadership: Good Outcomes Require the Right Kind of Time — J Townsend
  • How to Grow a High-Impact Church: The Law of Intentionality — C Ingram, P Sheppard

Coaches Handbook: Small Groups

Author / Publisher: Willow Creek

Subject / Description: Being a shepherd; Called to coach; Building leadership teams; Visiting groups; Conducting huddles, One-on-one meetings; Multiplying ministry; Managing ministry


Study Material: 11 CDs

Speaker / Distributor: Beth Moore / Lifeway

Subject / Description: Explore how David’s life proves God will never give up on you. If you’ve ever experienced doubts, temptations, losses, family problems or personal inconsistencies, this study is for you.

2–Summoned from the Sheepfold
3–Sowing the Seeds of Jealousy
4–Survival Skills & He Who Wills
5–Tragic Ends & Faithful Friends
6–The Long-Awaited Throne
7–A Man After God’s Own Heart
8–The Wages of Sin
9–The Unrelenting Sword
10–Back Where He Belonged;
11–The Final Years & Settled Fears

Deeper Still

Study Material: 4 videos; Workbook

Speaker / Distributor: Beth Moore / Lifeway

Subject / Description: A six-week interactive Bible study for believers who want to be a “deeper still Christian.” The author explores biblical principles and models for recognizing the path to maturity and moving toward a closer walk with God. Believers who desire to grow in the areas of wisdom and holiness—to live each day in the becoming, as well as the doing of the Christian life—will be challenged to go beyond the basics of Christianity to explore the biblical evidence of spiritual maturity in the Christian life.

Location: Pat Clardy

Discussing the DaVinci Code

Author / Publisher: Lee Strobel, Garry Poole / Zondervan

Subject / Description: Examining the issues raised by the book and movie — (1) What Can History Really Tell Us? (2) Can We Trust the Four Gospels? (3) What’s the Role of Women in Christianity? (4) Is Jesus the Son of God?

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