Prayer is powerful. It impacts our lives and the world around us. Through prayer God releases His peace, His wisdom and His power for His people. Honest dialogue is also one of the chief ways we connect with God and build an intimate relationship with Him. The Prayer Sprint is a special time set aside for us to focus on drawing near to God, for He promises that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.

Join us for a week of focused prayer and fasting to grow closer to our Heavenly Father and to wage war in the spiritual realm for our families, city and nation.

Prayer Sprint Schedule:

Tues. May 25: 6 am, 12 pm (with Communion), 7 pm

Wed. May 26: 6 am, 12 pm (with Communion), 7 pm

Thurs. May 27: 6 am, 12 pm (with Communion), 7 pm

Fri. May 28: 6 am, 12 pm (with Communion), 7 pm

Sat. May 29: 9 am Prayer Walk & Post 6 pm Service

Sun. May 30: Post 11 am Service

6 am & 12 pm services on campus only, 7 pm services on campus & online.

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