Celebrating 40 Years of Ministry

Friederich and Nancy Lueckhof are the founders of Christian Frontier Ministries in the Philippines. Friederich was born in a small, rural town outside of Frankfurt, while Nancy was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. The two met at Grace Church when Nancy taught at Grace Christian School and Friederich visited as a guest speaker. In 1986, they married.

Friederich is passionate about seeing local churches healthy and flourishing, raising up the next generation of dynamic leaders. A graduate of the International Bible Training Institute in Burgess Hill, England, Friederich began traveling in the Philippines at the age of 23. Focused on teaching the Bible, holding outdoor evangelistic gatherings, and establishing churches and Bible schools, Friederich trekked island to island to speak to tribal Filipinos.

Nancy, a graduate of William Woods College, compliments Friederich as a ministry partner, wife and mother, through her love for the Lord, pioneering spirit and creative gifting. She is passionate about helping others find the plan and purpose of God for their lives, building the local church, and delivering a gospel message to the next generation. Nancy is also the author of SULUAN, a dramatic historical novel based on a true story that occurred in 1937 in the Philippines, and an advocate on sanitation for families in the municipality of Cebu.

Friederich and Nancy are proud parents to Benjamin, an avid photographer, bass player, and also an adventurer! Ben is a recent graduate of Cedarville University with a degree in Industrial Design. He is also engaged to his love, Desiree, whom he will marry at the end of this summer.

Join us in celebrating Friederich’s 40 years of effective ministry, in which he brings rich pastoral and Bible teaching experience, from which church leaders and young people alike can glean! We believe you will be blessed by this interview just as we were.