Our Identity In Christ
October 26, 2020
By Ron Tucker

“The game is afoot.” When Sherlock Holmes said that, his fans knew the master detective was chasing down a lead, and he was going to solve the mystery. Well, the game is afoot once more this weekend. Ron will be taking us another step in the direction of the strange happenings of our strange 2020 world. We’ve been praying Paul’s Ephesian 1 prayer for one another that God will give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. As a direct result, God is shining a light on the dark, little deceptive thread the enemy is trying to weave among us. Come into the light with us…on-campus or online…believing the truth is going to set us free.


The World of the New Testament, Part 4

The World of the New Testament, Part 4

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