No matter where you are in your early adult life, we want to go through this together! We are passionate about building godly friendships, improving our relationship with Jesus and getting a clear understanding of scripture.

Saint City Nights

Saint City is a monthly Young Adult service held in the Foundry at 7PM on the last Friday of the month. We value extravagant worship and reaching for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, preaching that provokes the heart and mind to give ourselves more fully to Jesus, building godly friendships and praying for our city. Many nights we also hit the streets of the city to share the gospel and pray for those in need after the service while learning to minister with the Holy Spirit. Come and join us!!!

The Connect

Is a monthly gathering of young adults to grow friendship, enjoy food, be inspired and meet the Young Adult Leadership Team. Every month we do something a little different so be sure to join our Facebook group where we will be announcing what we plan on doing.

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