Our Mission

Jesus did not leave us as powerless orphans, to be swayed to and fro with the ever changing cultural norms of the world, but to rise up and step into our God given identities as powerful sons and daughters of the King, adopted into His family. To lay hold of the promise: “these things you will do, and greater works than these you will do” through the power of His Holy Spirit, so that the Father may be glorified through the Son.

Get Involved

We meet every Thursday evening at 6pm. Join our Facebook Group for weekly updates and locations. For those without Facebook, feel free to contact Joel Hedlund for more information.

Heaven invading earth

Until the kingdoms of this world become like the Kingdom of the one true God. Making disciples of all nations – beginning with our cities, taking complete spiritual ownership of them. Stopping everything for the one, and loving them well; whether it be in the workplace, on the streets, or in our places of worship. This is Kingdom Strikes.