Saturday 6pm & Sunday 11am Services
Wednesday 7pm Service
(except 1st Wed of the month for churchwide communion)

What happens at home is crucial for your children's spiritual growth and we are here to help! Our ministry is designed to partner with parents in teaching their children the importance of having a personal relationship with God, the saving grace of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.


(Newborn – 35 months)

We believe a child is never too young to be introduced to God’s Word. Depending on your child’s age, they may experience any or all of the following during their visit: lots of love, interactive play, singing, dancing, Bible lesson, prayer, blessing, snack and crafts. We love the opportunity to play with your child and our goal is to plant seeds of faith in their heart and watch them grow and mature through children’s ministry.

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(3 & 4 Year Olds)

Is there a time when life is more exciting and energetic than Preschool? In THE CASTLE ROOM, we don’t think so! We funnel that energy to incite wonder in a loving God who is bigger than their imagination. We engage them with interactive play, crafts, singing and dancing. Our fun lessons utilize tactile learning, puppets, storytelling, music and other media. This is an exciting time when children begin to learn to hide His Word in their hearts through Bible memorization. Ultimately we want your child to know exactly where they fit into ‘God’s Big Story’.”

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Early Elementary

(5 Years Through Kindergarten)

If you have a 5-year-old or Kindergartner, THE TREEHOUSE ROOM is the place to be! We utilize interactive play, crafts, tactile learning, puppets, storytelling, music and other media to engage attention and incite wonder as we explore God’s Word. This is an exciting time when children begin to learn to hide His Word in their hearts through Bible memorization. This room is designed with a fun atmosphere that helps the kids feel like they are ready for great things in their part of God’s Big Story.

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(1st – 4th Grades)

In the WILD &WACKY ROOM and GAME ON ROOM, our 1st through 4th graders experience fun Bible-based learning activities and games interspersed with live worship and relevant Bible teaching. They’re social as well as energetic, so there’s lots of interaction with their peers and leaders during both small and large group times. They are developing their personal relationship with God through learning how to study the Bible for themselves, praying with and for each other and how their God-given gifts and talents equip them for their chapter in ‘God’s Big Story’.

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Upper Elementary

(5th Graders)

This is such a critical time – not quite a kid, not quite a teen! Through relevant Bible teaching and interactive learning activities, 5th graders dig into the Bible to experience who God is, to discover who He created them to be and fuel their passion for loving others through real relationship with Him. They’re given opportunity to respond to God’s unconditional love for them through worship and ministry to others around them, beginning to step into their chapter of God’s Big Story.

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Special Edition

(Students with Special Needs)

The Gospel is for everyone, but some students do better in an alternate learning environment. Special Edition offers children with special needs and learning challenges more opportunity for learning through movement, music and multi-media with two- or one-on-one guidance and encouragement. They learn that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their forever friend – just as they are! They, too, can influence others around them for God and are an integral part of God’s Big Story.

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We provide limited child care to support classes & groups which meet on campus. Cost is $6 for the first child and $2 for each additional child. Child care is arranged though your class or group.

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Jump Start

Jumpstart prepares children (grades 1 -5) to understand and experience baptism and communion. We conclude with a celebration in which the kids have a opportunity to be baptized..

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Baby Dedications

As Christian parents, we are called to teach our children the love of God and how to love God. We can dedicate our lives to the Lord is by dedicating our babies to the Lord as soon as we can.

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