A lot of Christians are stuck in ruts of spiritual lethargy, addictive behaviors, harmful thought patterns or negative emotions. Many feel they can never measure up. Self-control, will power and sincere efforts to live a godly life all fail, and they begin to feel hopeless as they try to get free of their past and their failures. The Apostle Paul asked, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” Fortunately, he then gave us the answer.

Victory is possible! Freedom is within reach! Freedom in Christ Ministries has been helping people get there for over 20 years.

• Many of those who have been suffocating under legalism have been set free by God’s grace to walk in newness of life. 
• Guilt, shame and rejection have been replaced by a deep assurance of God’s love and forgiveness. 
• Fears have turned into courageous faith, anxiety to peace, hopelessness to zeal, addictions to freedom and growth, occult or demonic captivity into liberty and insecurity to fruitful service in the church and community.

The four branches of this ministry will serve you not as instant fixes but as tools the Holy Spirit will use to help you practically walk out what Jesus died to give us at the cross. Your problems may feel like shackles, but Jesus provides deliverance from them all!

1. Freedom in Christ Classes

There are currently three options: Women’s, Men’s & Small Group Study

2. Freedom in Christ Appointments

A Freedom in Christ Appointment is like a spiritual surgery in which an individual spends 2–5 hours with a trained facilitator examining seven life areas that frequently bind us and hold us back. This process exposes in a confidential session the root of negative habits, emotions and thought patterns, commonly formed in the past. By employing the Word of God and prayer to rightfully reclaim the ground that has been stolen, the believer discovers that gaining freedom in Christ is a truth encounter rather than a power struggle. (John 8:32)

3. Freedom in Christ Discipleship Partner Team

Just as a wobbly toddler learns to walk, we must learn to walk out our freedom in Christ, abandoning past patterns of negative behaviors, harmful emotional responses and thoughts based on lies instead of truths.  A Freedom in Christ Discipleship Partner walks alongside newly-freed believers by calling them weekly, praying with them, encouraging and holding them accountable in areas of change. 

4) Freedom in Christ Intercessory Prayer Team

We have a team of people who believe in the power of prayer. They continually pray for the individuals who go through appointments or take the classes.

If you have questions about any of these areas of ministry, feel free to contact the leaders below.

Ministry Leaders

Ministry Director & Appointment Team
Kristy Howell – Director
314-292-8300, ext. 3101

Discipleship Partner Team
Deena Fowler 
(314) 518-5030

Freedom in Christ Intercessory Team
Anne Gross

Freedom in Christ Classes
Dan Presgrave
(314) 799-7075

Freedom in Christ Administration
Melanie Bonham
(314) 277-8762