Donation Station March Collections

Throughout March, we’ll be collecting personal care items to help Community Helping Ministry, Women Helping Women and Haircut Clinic. We are also continuing to collect canned/dry food items.

Items Needed include:

Soap, Body Wash, Body Poofs, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Hand Sanitizer, Razors, Hand Lotion, Body Lotion, Travel-size Tissues, Toilet paper, Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Gel, Mousse, Hair Dryers, Curling Irons, Barrettes, Ponytail Holders, Brushes, Combs, Emory Boards, Feminine Hygiene, Products, Peroxide

Please deliver items to the Donation Station in the Atrium. For more info, contact or pick up a flyer at the Donation Station.