If you’ve never helped serve or care of a special needs person, but seem to be drawn to them, we’d love for you to check out this ministry. We will help you learn what you will need to know when you join our team. You will also learn new things along the way, just like we do.

The Special Edition Friend program allows a child to participate in a service in a way that is meaningful to them, with modifications to the lesson and/or environment while having the help of a 1:1 Special Edition Friend.

At the heart of Special Edition it is our mission to encourage, equip, and empower children and young adults of all different abilities to be devoted disciples of Jesus, supporting them in a way that they are able to demonstrate their love for Jesus through their unique communication style. Our desire is to see our children enjoying deep fellowship with God in His love, and choosing to love, serve, and obey Him with all their heart, as they grow in the knowledge and love of God.

Special Edition Volunteer Friend Requirements

Attitudes of a Special Edition Friend:

1) Acceptance– Accept the child as he or she was created – perfectly in God’s image and for His glory. Look beyond the effects of the disability and see the child’s heart, which is completely able to receive and give love.

2) Respect– Treat a person with a disability as highly as anyone else. A person with any diagnosis or special need is no less dignified, loved, or valued by God. Draw attention to what a child can do rather than what he/she cannot do.

3) Servant– Seeing this foremost as service to Christ, look for opportunities to meet various physical, social and spiritual needs of the child. Part of the role of a SE Friend is in serving the child’s family and the body of Christ. Seek to understand how they view the world; is it louder than their comfort level? Did the schedule change unexpectedly?

4) Learner– SE Friends consider themselves on a path to learning how to better serve and love their assigned child/young adult. SE Friends should learn the differences, unique qualities and communication styles of their assigned child. As we will learn, even behavior is a form of communication.

Character Requirements of a SE Friend are Dependability, Flexibility and Sensitivity.

There is so much we will help you learn as you join our team. We just love our special Friends in Special Edition and we believe you will gain so much from your serve time with them and the team. Please come and check us out! We are located in the Gym every Sunday at 11 am.

If your interested contact: Michelle Carter at 314 292-8300 x 2009 or

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