Making visitors feel welcome is HUGE, especially when you have a church as large as ours! There are several areas of hospitality we’d love to see grow. We invite you to check out the teams listed below. Each of these teams provides assistance and a warm, hospitable environment for those attending. We are the “Front Line” of giving our guests a great experience.



Welcome Team

This team has the privilege of greeting those that come through our doors. They hand out our weekend bulletin, along with other important information we want our congregants to know. It’s important for us to make sure our guests feel welcomed and find a place they can begin and belong here at Grace. When you join this part of the team you meet and greet so many different people.

Info Tables

If you have an outgoing personality and really like helping people be informed, this is the place for you. We’ll train you to provide answers to questions about our church, its ministries, and its activities.

Traffic Control

Because our parking lots are large and fill up fast on weekends, it takes a team to make sure that everyone entering and exiting has a stress-free experience. That is why we need several individuals to help us keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible. Your role is important! You may be the first person our guests will encounter before entering our church. We count on you to leave a good impression.

Medical Team

This team ensures there is a first responder to any medical situation. The nurse will assess if 911 should be called, or if they are able to administer simple first aid. One person on the medical team is present during each church service. In order to be on the team, we will need copies of any licenses and certifications you may have.

If you are interested in any of the Hospitality A-Team’s please contact Pastor Rachel at or call 314 292-8328

We truly appreciate your willingness to serve and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish here at Grace for God’s great kingdom!

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