Rachel Klein
Associate Pastor


Rachel provides biblical counseling to help women and couples, helping them learn how to handle difficult challenges in ways that glorify God. (She doesn’t provide individual counseling to men, however, so men who want an individual appointment should book with Marty Haas.)


Rachel founded the Special Edition ministry, which provides real ministry to children and youth with special needs such as autism and Down Syndrome. She has also led annual grief conferences, using her own experiences with tragedy and loss to help others cope with their own suffering. Today Rachel oversees Anchors of Hope, a ministry providing support/recovery groups, classes and workshops for both church members and community members. She also offers biblical counseling to women and couples.

At Grace, we provide biblical counseling, not psychological counseling. Biblical counseling provides spiritually based tools for helping individuals and couples to not merely cope with difficult circumstances but to honor God in them, exemplifying the truth found in the book of Romans in which it states that we are “more than conquerers” in the face of difficult, painful and even dangerous trials.

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