We are so excited to help you take this step in your spiritual journey!

To make the most of your experience, follow the 4 steps below!

  • Step 1: Watch the online Baptism Orientation Video.

  • Step 2: Find an upcoming Baptism date and register.*

  • Step 3: Read through the “Our Beliefs” Section for more info.

  • Step 4: Download your Baptism photos after your Baptism.

Praise God for what He’s doing in your life!

*If you’d like to get baptized on a date when registration is closed, you can still come! Just show up!



Baptism is a big deal! Learn about how it all works in our Baptism Orientation video below.



Search through the upcoming Baptism dates and select the right one for you! We close online registration a day or two beforehand, but you’re still welcome to walk in!



Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…
—Matthew 28:19

As a couple exchanges wedding vows, they often put on wedding rings as tokens of their love and commitment. Baptism is like that. It’s an outward statement of faith in what God has done within us. The physical act of going beneath the water and rising back out of it gives us a tangible representation of what has already happened to us spiritually.

By allowing Himself to be killed in our place, Jesus paid the penalty we deserve for our sins. So when we turn from sin to God, believing in His free gift of mercy, it is as though we were crucified, buried and raised from the dead with Him! That’s why He said we should be baptized. It’s a declaration to those around us that we identify with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection. And it serves as a life-long reminder that we were reborn innocent and holy because of Jesus, separated from sin and its former power over us.


Does Grace Offer Infant Baptism?

No, rather than baptize babies we dedicate them to the Lord. Whenever the Bible discusses baptism, it describes it as an act we take after placing our faith in Christ. The Bible never says that babies and small children were baptized because they had not turned from sin to Jesus’ sacrifice. Baptizing children would be a meaningless ritual which could even be counterproductive because it strips baptism of its true meaning.

But parents in the Bible did bring their children to the Temple to dedicate them to the Lord. Mary and Joseph did that with Jesus (Luke 2:22–40), and we do that today! We dedicate our children to God and ourselves to the task of raising them to know God, His commands and His love. When the child is old enough to make his or her own personal confession of Christ, they are welcome to and encouraged to be baptized.

If you have any questions, please contact our GraceKids Ministry.

At What Age Can My Child Be Baptized?

We will baptize anyone over age 7 who understands what baptism symbolizes and wants
to make that personal, public declaration. We encourage any parents to partner with our
GraceKids and Grace Students ministries to guide your children through these decisions of faith. For more information on how to help guide your child through this important decision, check out our Children’s Baptism Guide at our Info Stations.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Nothing! We will have clothing you can put on before you’re baptized so that your clothes stay dry. We also have hair dryers so that you don’t have to leave with wet hair.

What If I Missed The Registration Deadline?

Come anyway! We may close online registration a day or two beforehand, but you are welcome to walk in the day you want to get baptized!

How Can I Serve On The Baptism Team?

Just fill out the Baptism Ministry Application.

Where Can I Get More Information?

For more information please contact: Jim Niewald at



We have trained photographers ready to take your Baptism photos! Download them here after your Baptism.

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