Africa wa Yesu: Missions Update

News From Chris & Debs at the Vocational Center

Dear Friends….

It’s been an intense last couple of months as we’ve held some special courses and had our last graduation for 2018. In the beginning of October we held a “Budgeting and Financial Management Course” for our Afrika wa Yesu Team Leadership group. It went incredibly well. The group met in Nacala for a week and we had practical teaching during the days – starting with personal finance, what is a budget and why do I need one – and going over into ministerial finance – keeping track of ministry expenses, budget requests, and financial reports, concluding with a session on Excel Spreadsheets in our newly completed computer lab at the Vocational Centre! The evenings were reserved for teaching and spiritual impartation from Ellie and Armando as we received revelation of the heart of God for where we are going as a ministry. It was a very special time of fun and laughter and learning and growing together. We had a great fun day on the beach where a friend was able to take each team member for a tube ride behind their boat! An experience of a lifetime!


Very special worship times together.                                                              Fun and games at the Maas house – celebrating team.


Question and answer time during the budget course                               Many thanks to Amanda and Johannes for taking the
– Emma was a tremendous help with lots of insight.                                team for a drag behind their boat!

Computer Course at the Vocational Centre

Last year the Vocational Centre was blessed with a donation of disused computers from a company in the city, Kadumba LDA, which had upgraded all of its hardware. We set about renovating our theory classroom to be suitable to house the computers by putting in a ceiling and glass in the windows to minimise the dust. We also added storage cupboards and fans and repainted it. It looks very smart now! We held our first crash course in October where two Inhaminga team members and three Nacala team were taught basic computer skills, Word and Excel.

Testimony: We were initially at a loss as to how to setup and teach the course, but decided to push through anyway. We would hire help from the city if necessary. A miracle happened when God connected a young Mozambican man with us via social media – Illidio had learned about Afrika Wa Yesu on Facebook and enquired about church and Bible School. He then mentioned that he was an IT specialist and that his heart is to empower fellow Mozambicans with computer know-how – he asked us if we knew any way he could do this? WOW! What an answer to prayer! A mozambican, who can speak the language and is very good at his job, offering to teach classes – and refusing payment because he wants to be a blessing. For sure, this is divine inspiration! Illidio set up the classroom, assembled 6 computers out of all the bits and pieces which had been given to us, updated them and installed necessary software, and thoroughly taught an excellent computer course. God hears!


Wedding Bells – or Drums?

Álvaro is getting married! ~ This month Álvaro travels to Lichinga to wed his fiancé, Nazarena. They have been waiting a long time for this! Nazarena has recently graduated from nursing college in Chimoio, and it will be a great joy to have her here on campus. We are looking forward to getting to know her and them as a couple.


This handsome fellow turned 40 last month! So proud of you, Chris, and the way you put your heart and soul into everything you do. GOD BLESS YOU!

Carpentry Graduation


Last week, 14 men graduated from the 20-week carpentry course. Their work has been of a high standard, and they’ve have all grown tremendously in spiritual and practical matters. Click here to see more photos. Our Votec team has done a fantastic job with them and the whole Nacala base has been very involved and helpful. And you, dear reader, are a massive part of investing together in the future of the Mozambican church. THANK YOU for your love and support!

God bless you ~ Chris and Debs,
Gabriel, Ashira, Mikayla
and all at the Afrika Wa Yesu Vocational Centre