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Grace is a family of people who are passionate about God and taking news of His love to people everywhere. We’re interdenominational so our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from atheism to Catholicism to Baptist. Each week we meet to express our hearts to God in worship and to hear teaching that helps us apply eternal Biblical truth and wisdom to our 21st century lives.

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One Church, Two Campuses

The Original Campus:
Maryland Heights, MO

Grace Church held its first service in the Machinists Hall not far from our current campus back in May of 1978.
Ron Tucker, the founding pastor, still leads the congregation with the assistance of a pastoral staff, support staff and an incredible team of volunteer leaders. One of the founding principles of the church is that the work of the ministry belongs to the people, not to the pastors. So lay men and women have taken the reins on many of the most life-changing ministries of the church. The pastors' primary duty is to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry."

The East Campus:
Granite City, IL

In 2007 several men, including Teaching Pastor Steve McKinney and Youth Pastor Rufus Valencia, partnered together to begin Frontline Fellowship church in the Granite City area. Over the next 10 years, the church grew and the staff enjoyed the camaraderie with their friends, pastors at Grace. But they also recognized that there were some limits to what they could accomplish on their own. So they asked Grace to adopt them as a campus extension. Steve still serves today as the campus pastor and Rufus as the youth pastor. For more info on the East Campus, visit GraceEast.org.

Join Us in Real Life at Either of Our Campuses

Maryland Heights

Weekend Services
Three identical weekend services packed with worship, teaching and prayer. Join us Saturday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 9 & 11am.

Maryland Heights

Wednesday Services

We have worship and Bible teaching every Wednesday at 7 pm. We also share communion on the first Wednesday of each month.

Maryland Heights

Prayer Meetings

We hold our prayer meetings on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from
4-6pm in the auditorium and every Thursday at 12pm in the Foundry.

East Campus

Weekend Services

Three identical weekend services packed with worship, teaching and prayer.
Join us Saturday afternoons at 4pm and
Sunday mornings at 9 & 11am.

Discover Grace

Don’t just attend the Church. Be the Church. It’s as easy as attending the four Discover Grace Classes and filling out a profile. The result is that you will be more than an observer. You’ll get to be a participant, a part of the family with all the rights and privileges of family. Come on in. The water’s not just fine, it’s great!

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Our Beliefs

We believe in the same Biblical truths that have been held sacred since the time of Christ. We affirm truths that are unchangeable, yet fresh and applicable for each new generation. We cling to the core but refuse to be sidetracked by debatable, secondary issues that are more likely to cause strife than to promote spiritual growth. Here are the basics we hold dear.

Our volunteers are the best, but our staff’s not bad either!

One of the incredible truths of the Bible is that God chooses to work through ordinary people. He doesn't limit ministry to the rock stars, but on the contrary He asks and equips everyday people to take a hands-on approach to serving others, to sharing the good news, to comforting the hurting and to helping the poor.

At Grace we place a premium on the people in our congregation. Our staff serve not to do the ministry but to equip you of the church so they can do the ministry. Thus we see lay men and women leading Bible studies and support groups, starting new ministries and doing whatever it takes to make the work of the church a success.

We can't introduce you to all these stars of Grace, but we can at least let you meet the pastors and a few of the other leaders who empower the people to follow God and build up His kingdom.


Ron Tucker
Senior Pastor


Grace members building a house for the homeless in Reynosa, Mexico.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm

Saturday Closed

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Address 2695 Creve Coeur Mill Rd

Phone (314) 292-8300

Email receptionist@gracestl.org