WinShape Camps for Communities 1AskAway Offer

Get a WinShape Camps for Communities deal for you and a friend.

WinShape Camps for Communities provides an unprecedented day camp experience for campers that have completed grades K–8. And now we have an unprecedented way of helping your child share their faith with a friend.

Whether you like soccer, science, or anything in between, there is something for everyone at WinShape Camps for Communities! Come be a part of this incredible adventure where we combine sports, recreation, arts, Bible study and worship into one incredible week. WinShape Camps provides a professionally trained staff to help create the most meaningful, unforgettable and fun-filled day camp experience you’ll find anywhere… right at home in your own community!

We have a saying at Grace – Everyone has someone in their sphere of influence that is one ask away from a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

This month, we’re challenging our kids to find that one friend (or two) that has never been to Grace Church AND has never attended WinShape Camps for Communities, and invite them to camp.

Here’s how to qualify:

  • Have your child registered by May 31.
  • Have a friend register by May 31.

*They do not have to register at the same time. $50 Registration fee required, not full payment.

Here’s what you get:

  • Your child receives a $50 discount.
  • Your child’s friend receives a $50 discount

There is a two-friend maximum for this incentive, so your child can earn $100 off camp by inviting two of their friends to register. Remember, these friends must be new to Grace Church AND new to WinShape Camps for Communities.

If your child has more friends interested in going or you have further questions, please contact Jennie Barber by May 24 to discuss options –

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