Who We Are

To begin getting a feel for a church, there are several things you'll want to know about it.

Is it off the wall? Are their core beliefs reasonable or flaky?
The last thing you want is to visit a church that's spooky. We've put our core beliefs online so that you can see that we adhere to the sound doctrine that Christian churches have been teaching since Jesus first established the Church.

Are you going to fit in?
Visit a small, country church and you may find some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. But since it's an older community, they may all look like your grandparents. That's cool, but it's nice to also meet people who are more like you, who understand your stage of life. At Grace you'll find people of every age, height, economic status, race and shoe size. Being a large metro church, we attract people from every spectrum. What's really great is getting to make so many friends, including some who are like you and some who aren't.

What's the dress code?
Isn't it fun to show up in jeans and find out everyone else is in a suit or dress? Most people come to Grace in jeans and casual clothes. You'll see a few ties. Maybe even a suit or two. But if you want to blend in, dress casually. No tuxes, please. Don't make us look bad.

How's the pipe organ?
Since God created us as individuals, it's not surprising that people have different tastes in music. So some churches use organs and are perfect for people who like organs. That's just not us. We prefer a more contemporary sound, so we rely on more contemporary instruments and songs. We enjoy hymns now and then, but if we can't make them sound 2010, we don't use them.

Do they provide the ministry I need?
Having 31 flavors wouldn't be worth much if you've got a craving for chocolate and they don't have it. In reality, this question isn't that flippant. Church is about more than meeting your needs, but your needs are important. So take a browse through the various ministries mentioned in this site.  You'll see that we've got a wide variety of ministries available—support groups, prayer ministries, places to make friends, pastoral care, hospital ministry, prison ministry—the list goes on and on. And if you don't find what you're looking for, give us a call because we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Will I be able to grow there?
We believe that one of the best ways to get involved and to grow spiritually is through small groups. We offer a wide variety of classes, support groups and services. But don't just think in terms of where can you go to receive. Ask yourself where you can go to give and to serve. You can make a difference in the lives of others through one or more of our ministries. In fact, our Serve by God's Design class will help you identify the unique gifts, talents and passions God has given you so that you can see how to find fulfillment in serving others in a way you enjoy.