Christianity is not simply about being blessed by God. Part of the joy of our faith is found in letting God use us to bless others. Sometimes that's done with our own hands; sometimes through the hands of others. Below are some of the ministries that we support to help people both in the St. Louis metro area and abroad.


Camp Penuel (Camp for Inner City Youth)

Camp Penuel was chartered as a Missouri Corporation in 1973 and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 C 3 charity making gifts to them tax deductible. They are a nondenominational charity focusing on inner-city and “at risk” children and are governed by one Board of Directors under the leadership of founder and president Rev. Harry H. Douma.

Camp Penuel’s headquarters and main location is Ironton, Missouri on Lake Killarney. This camp welcomes children from the St. Louis Metro Area, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Started in 1994, the East Camp in Eldred, Pennsylvania reaches their local area and includes Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Washington D.C.  Greg and Patty Rhinehart lead this camp.

In January 2003 Penuel dedicated land in Esparaza, Costa Rica.  Paul and Thelma Bernhagen, who worked at the main camp for over five years, lead the new operation. Not only Costa Rican children benefit from the camp, but it will reach out to other countries in Central America as well.

Frank Kernan Ministries




As followers of Christ, they serve their communities holistically, meeting physical, social, and spiritual needs associated with HIV/AIDS, poverty and other social issues. Their values include being God Centred, respecting Sanctity of Life, bringing Hope, practicing Stewardship, Excellence in all they do, demonstrating Love. The vision of Genesis was born out of the Norwegian Settlers Church in 2002. The mission being to take “the church” out of the four walls of the building into a hurting local community. Specifically where HIV/Aids infects and affects people living in rural suburbs surrounding the church. 


To learn more about Genesis, visit their website:



Africa Wa Yesu

Afrika wa Yesu (Afrika for Jesus) - Founders Rod & Ellie Hein, ministering in Mozambique since 1981. Starting under a tree in the remote Inhaminga region of central Mozambique, the vision to reach Mozambique for Christ has grown phenomenally and continues to increase. They have two Spirit empowered Bible Schools in both Inhaminga and Nacala, where they also have a Vocational Centre, equipping and training men in basic work skills. Working together as a powerful team of Mozambican and international missionaries, they are reaching souls through evangelism and church planting. Teaching and training Mozambican pastors and leaders to reach their own nation is a vital purpose of this ministry. Afrika wa Yesu is a team-focused ministry, running in the strength and joy that unity brings. While soul winning is their primary purpose, they also run a dental clinic with a mobile unit reaching into the villages where the only dentist is the witch doctor.


To learn more about Afrika Wa Yesu, visit their website:

Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance has helped many churches and individuals reach out to other cultures through short-term mission trips. The key to thier successful outreaches are the three following types of alliances (partnerships):

  • Partnering with missionary church planters and national ministries from all over the world, helping them define their needs and developing a plan to enable them to accomplish their goals and objectives.
  • Partnering with you. They desire to serve and support your needs and calling by coordinating opportunities for you to reach out with the love of Jesus.
  • The most important partnership is with Jesus. It is His Gospel, His Commission, and His power working in and through thier ministry, which allows them and us to do anything! Bringing glory to His name is Strategic Alliance's only motivation.

They are thrilled about what God is doing in the world today. Well-prepared teams of short-term missionaries are an effective tool God uses to meet the needs and spread the Gospel all over the earth.


To learn more about Strategic Alliance, visit their website:

Two Tunics

Two Tunics consists of a community of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ with hearts broken over the suffering caused by HIV/AIDS. They have been blessed by God beyond their basic needs and desire to share with those in need by responding in obedience to Christ’s instruction to care for the poor, widows, and orphans. We believe in working in partnership with local people and projects serving their AIDS affected communities to promote HIV prevention, ARV treatment as well as care and support of those affected by HIV/AIDS.

They try to live out Luke 3:11 – “The man with two tunics should share with him who has none..”

Two Tunics consists of a community of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ with hearts broken over the suffering caused by HIV/AIDS. They have been blessed by God beyond their basic needs and desire to share with those in need by responding in obedience to Christ’s instruction to care for the poor, widows, and orphans.

They believe in working in partnership with local people and projects serving their AIDS affected communities to promote HIV prevention, ARV treatment as well as care and support of those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Two Tunics is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the USA as well as a registered Public Benifit Organization in South Africa.


To learn more about Two Tunics, visit their website:

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe was founded in 1942 by William Cameron Townsend.

A missionary to the Cakchiquel Indians of Guatemala, Townsend caught the vision for translation when Cakchiquel-speaking men expressed their concern that the Bible was not available to them in the language they understood clearly. As a result, Townsend resolved that every man, woman and child should be able to read God’s Word in their own language.

Since its inception, Wycliffe has made great progress in Bible translation all around the world. To date, Wycliffee has played a part in completing more than 700 scripture translations.


To learn more about Wycliffe Bible Translators, visit their website:

Campus Crusade for Christ (Campus Ministry)

When Bill and Vonette Bright first launched Campus Crusade for Christ as a campus ministry in 1951, the underlying concept was to “win the campus today and change the world tomorrow.” More than 50 years later, the mission remains the same.

Today, the campus ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ is a network of vibrant, growing movements on 1,029 campuses in the United States and beyond. Proven and diverse outreach strategies expose millions of students to the gospel each year. Over the past five years, more than 37,900 students made a decision to become a Christian.


To learn more about Campus Crusade for Christ, visit their website:

Missionary Companion Ministries

The purpose of Missionary Companion Ministries is to further the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in response to the Lord’s command to go into all of the world. To this end, they are dedicated to helping those who have responded to the call of God upon their lives for ministry in places throughout the world.

Missionary Companion Ministries has as its function; the aiding of ministries (people in ministry) who work cross-culturally, at home and abroad. Their goal is to facilitate ministry. To experience the call of God upon one’s life and respond by going to the foreign field is a worthy task and one that merits the utmost attention, encouragement and backing. Their desire is to help in such a way as to maximize, to the best of their ability, the potential of brethren working to obey the call of God, and in doing so, minimize the casualties which occur from inexperience, lack of preparation, unexpected pressures and added burdens which arise from being among different cultures, languages and peoples.

In short, they will do what they can to make it possible for you to carry out the calling that God has placed in your heart.


To learn more about Missionary Companion Ministries, visit their website:

Campus Outreach Ministry (Campus Ministry)

The vision of Campus Outreach is to “Build Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World.” They seek to build laborers with a commitment to the Great Commission through evangelism and discipleship. They are passionately reaching students with the gospel and training them to become mature followers of Christ. Their desire is then to see students leave college fully equipped to labor in the harvest field for the glory of God.

 “Building laborers takes many resources, but the returns on the investment are immeasurable. Their prayer is that students will graduate who are not only equipped to build their careers, but also the kingdom of God. 


To learn more about Campus Crusade for Christ, visit their website:

Community Helping Ministry (Serving Pattonville School District Families)

Community Helping Ministry is a not-for-profit partnership of businesses, churches, service clubs, and individuals working together to serve families in the Pattonville School District and city of St. Ann with limited resources in times of crisis and assist in the responsible distribution of community resources. Services are provided by trained volunteers.


Crown Financial Ministries (Educational)

Crown Financial Ministries, founded in 1976, is an interdenominational ministry dedicated to equipping people around the world to learn, apply, and teach biblical financial principles. Crown has taught or equipped more than 50 million people in over 80 nations with the life-transforming message of faithfully living by God's financial principles in every area of their lives. The ministry is located in the United States, Canada, Latin America, South America, and Africa, and is expanding into Europe, India, Asia, and Australia. Crown relies on approximately 250 employees and over 10,000 passionate volunteers worldwide to help ignite True Financial Freedom around the globe.

Vision: To see the followers of Christ in every nation faithfully living by God’s financial principles in every area of their lives.

Mission: Equipping people worldwide to learn, apply, and teach God’s financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission.

Core Values: Crown Financial Ministries is a Christ-centered, Bible-based ministry whose core values include recognition of God's ownership of all things, the need to pray about everything, and the desire to equip and serve others with excellence while teaching in ways understood by all cultures and generations.


To learn more about Crown Financial Ministries, visit their website:

Faithful Friends (Mentoring Children)

Faithful Friends St. Louis is an early intervention, long-term youth support and guidance program. Our mission is to provide our most vulnerable and challenged children a loving, caring, nurturing, and sustained relationship with a Christian, adult role model who teaches positive values and has attainable expectations for each child in order that they become healthy, productive members of our community.


To learn more about Faithful Friends, visit their website:

Focus on the Family (Family Literature)

Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. They provide help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.


To learn more about Focus on the Family, visit their website:

ThriVe (Pregnancy Resource Center)


ThriVe St. Louis is a Christ-centered organization that empowers people to make life-affirming and healthy decisions about sex, pregnancy and relationships.

What They're About

Helping you thrive. They want the best for you. No matter what your circumstances, they can help you thrive. This is done by providing-

  • Accurate information about sex, pregnancy and relationships
  • Options counseling and emotional and spiritual support for those making a decision about an unintended pregnancy
  • Education, training and resources for those choosing to parent
  • Referrals for adoption services, medical and social services and spiritual support
  • A safe and secure place to live for pregnant women without housing or living in unsafe surroundings
  • Counseling for those struggling with a past abortion or pregnancy loss

What They Are Not About

  • Judging your lifestyle or past decisions
  • Pressuring you into a particular decision about an unintended pregnancy
  • Emotional manipulation or withholding information
  • Not about saying sex is bad. Sex is awesome at the right time and stage of your adult life.
  • Preaching to you

To learn more about ThriVe, visit their website:

InterVarsity (Campus Ministry)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty. They minister to students and faculty through small group Bible studies, large gatherings on campus, leadership training, thoughtful discipleship and life-changing conferences and events.


To learn more about InterVarsity, visit their website:

Mercyview Ministries (Urban Church Plant)

Mercyview is a new faith community in the urban core of Tulsa that believes a great and gracious God is calling us to belong deeply to Him and to one another, to become who He has created us to be, and to bless the city with our words and our actions.


To learn more about Mercyview Ministries, visit their website:

Loaves and Fishes (Food Pantry/Woman's Shelter)

More than 30 years ago when the first homeless man knocked on the door at 2750 McKelvey Road our founders, Dr's Donald C. and Dorothy M. Femmer could not have imagined all the needs their food pantry and makeshift shelter would eventually meet. Originating as a small food pantry and shelter for men, Loaves and Fishes now provides shelter for more than 200 women and their children and food for more than hundreds of families each year.


To learn more about Loaves and Fishes, visit their website:

New Life Evangelistic Center (Mission to Homeless)

New Life Evangelistic Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) church center comprised of over 50 paid and unpaid staff members and countless volunteers, all dedicated to providing effective support for the poor and homeless in Saint Louis and beyond. Founded by Rev. Larry and Penny Rice, NLEC has been headquartered at 1411 Locust Street in Saint Louis since 1972, with other centers in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and Kansas.

NLEC Mission: The mission of New Life Evangelistic Center (NLEC) is to provide Christian hospitality and respect for life through the services of food, clothing, shelter, education, and job training programs, as well as physical, mental and spiritual health care, to the poor and homeless in Saint Louis and beyond.

NLEC Values: New Life Evangelistic Center has founded its values on the love of Jesus Christ for all people, and especially for all who suffer from poverty, homelessness, addictions and abuse. NLEC holds the following values in highest regard: empathy, advocacy, empowerment, dignity, responsibility, faith, hope, and love.


To learn more about New Life Evangelistic Center, visit their website:

Prison Fellowship (Ministry to Prisoners)

Prison Fellowship is a national, nonprofit organization founded in 1976 by former Nixon aide Charles Colson. Colson was incarcerated for Watergate-related charges and could not forget those he had left behind prison walls. He launched Prison Fellowship to give prisoners the opportunity to experience the radically transforming power of Christ that he had already experienced. Prison Fellowship’s mission is to seek the transformation of prisoners and their reconciliation to God, family, and community through the power and truth of Jesus Christ.


To learn more about Prison Fellowship, visit their website:

Samaritan's Purse (World-wide Disaster Relief)

Samaritan's Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan's Purse has helped meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ.


To learn more about Samaritan's Purse, visit their website:

Sunshine Ministries (Mission to Homeless)

Since 1903, Sunshine Ministries has been transforming lives... helping men, women, and children discover their God-given potential and learn to live a life of meaning and purpose. unshine Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry to the homeless and needy of St. Louis.
We serve the men, women and children of our near north side community through Sunshine Mission, our Youth and Family Center and Eagle Lodge.


To learn more about Sunshine Ministries, visit their website:

Bethany Christian Services (Family Services)

Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit organization caring for orphans and vulnerable children on five continents. Bethany is recognized as a prominent leader in social services worldwide, and they are the largest adoption agency in the U.S. Founded in 1944, their mission calls them to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families around the world. Bethany is about kids in families. They serve children of all ages as they strive towards a world where every child has a loving family. Their services include; family support and preservation, adoption, foster care, pregnancy counseling, training, refugee services, sponsorship, and infertility ministry. They are called to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ to vulnerable children around the world. With your generosity, they can find families for children in need and keep families in need together.


To learn more about Bethany Christian Services, visit their website:

Teen Challenge (Rehabilitation/men with addictions)

Teen Challenge of St. Louis provides residential care to men, ages 18 to 30, who are struggling with life-controlling problems. Any individual who cannot function normally in society due to drug addiction, alcoholism, or behavioral problems is eligible to receive help at Teen Challenge of St. Louis if he so desires. Teen Challenge of St. Louis, a part of the network of over 180 Teen Challenge centers across the U.S., is celebrating over 40 years of service to the St. Louis metropolitan area. The first Teen Challenge facility in St. Louis was established September 15, 1966 in Webster Groves, Missouri. In 1971, due to the increasing demand for residential care, two large homes were purchased on Washington Avenue in the city of St. Louis. In response to the growing need for this program's services, the Washington Avenue properties were then sold in 1981, and Teen Challenge of St. Louis was relocated to its present twelve-acre site in High Ridge, Missouri.


To learn more about Teen Challenge, visit their website: