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Jesus called us to get Baptized and if you haven’t done so yet, let us know you would like to! If you have been, you can view your photos here.

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Pastoral Care

Our pastors assist members with hospital visitation, counseling, funeral and bereavement needs, weddings, and much more. Fill out a form below.

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Special Edition

Having a child with a special need is challenging. Special Edition was designed to give one-on-one ministry for children from toddler to young adulthood.

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We are eager to serve you and to do our best to make your wedding day glorify God and become the joyous occasion that you anticipate.

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Volunteers stock and clean kitchens that are used by multiple ministries for meetings, classes and fellowship.
This team of volunteers assist with bereavement dinners for Grace members during their time of need.
Help a new mom by preparing a dinner or brownies for her family. Food can be brought to the Nursery and will be kept in the freezer there. Supplies (pans, freezer paper, tape) is available in the Nursery as well.

Beth Fogleman
314-291-6647 X2002

Greeters stand at the doors to welcome people and hand out bulletins. Call if you would like to try this hospitality ministry.
Licensed cosmetologists provide free haircuts to those in need. Will be held on the 1st Monday of the month at 6pm in room C120.

Helping hands ministry provides volunteers to do the labor for minor projects for Grace active members in need. We do projects like yard clean up, handy man work, paint/patch, etc. We do not do home remodeling or moving. Please fill out the application below. You should receive a response within 2 weeks. Applicants, please note:

1. Supplies (i.e. paint, etc) are the responsibility of the applicant. HH may be able to provide a small amount of money toward supplies, but not always.

2. Projects are limited to one work-day of labor

3. We do only 2 projects per year per household

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To volunteer contact Lauren at or 314-292-8331.

Volunteer to assist members and visitors by providing answers to their questions about the church, its ministries and its activities.
These volunteers provide scheduled or spur-of-the-moment help (typing, filing, phone calling, copying and mailing) during office hours.
Are you an avid photographer that wants to showcase some of your work? We take and submit photos for the photo exhibit in the foyer.
Join us to pray for individuals following services in the Prayer Chapel (just off the foyer by the north corner of the Auditorium).
Assist staff members by providing and serving refreshments at select meetings and functions as they serve our church.
We visit area retirement homes to share the love of Jesus using music, friendship and more. Musicians, greeters, and teachers are welcome.
Are you a musician at heart, and wouldn’t mind performing? Volunteer band performs at functions at and beyond Grace.
We are trained to provide confidential and compassionate spiritual support and to walk one on one with people dealing with crisis.
Walk through crisis and unplanned pregnancy and provide them resources, parenting tools and spiritual and emotional support.
Join us to help coordinate traffic flow and provide directions with a friendly smile before and after church services.
Help services flow smoothly by answering questions, providing directions and passing out materials and administrating collections.
Interested in serving by helping out with audio recording, worship choir, music ministry, video, staging, set design, and lighting?

Freedom In Christ

A lot of Christians are stuck in ruts of spiritual lethargy, addictive behaviors, harmful thought patterns or negative emotions. Many feel they can never measure up. Self-control, will power and sincere efforts to live a godly life all fail, and they begin to feel hopeless as they try to get free of their past and their failures.



Kingdom Strikes is an outreach whose core mission is to spread the gospel to the city of St. Louis. We meet and pray for guidance before taking to the streets in hopes of planting seeds and winning souls to Christ.