East Campus History — From Bouncer  to Bible Advocate

The roots of Grace Church's East Campus were planted when bar bouncer Steve McKinney and girlfriend Jen visited Grace Church in Maryland Heights. The experience was magnetic, and they dove into small group Bible studies. They were transformed as they committed themselves to havingJesus as the center of their lives and upcoming marriage.

Despite their love for Grace, the drive was getting old so after ten years at Grace, Steve and Jen decided to attend church closer to their Illinois home. But before long Steve became discontent just attending. He and friend Bob Barrett felt God was directing them to start a new church. Rufus Valencia soon came on board and the three prayerfully set the plan into motion.

God quickly brought together an amazing group of people willing to step out in faith and work along side them, and in 2003 Frontline Fellowship was formed. In the ensuing years, Steve continued to visit Grace in Maryland Heights, sometimes to attend and sometimes to teach. After extensive talks with the staff in Maryland Heights, Steve believed that Frontline would benefit from a merger and approached his colleagues. With overwhelming support from the congregation, the church legally joined Grace and became Grace Church East Campus in April 2011. Since then they have continued to grow, moving into a new building and taking the great news of God's love to their neighbors.