Would You Feel at Home
in the Worship Services at Grace Church?

Christians from the first church, as well as Christians from your great-grandparents' church, would be comfortable with the unchanging message that we share in our services. Our theology isn't some new,
feels-good-but-lacks-substance musing based on personal ideas. It's biblical, practical, uplifting, inspiring, challenging and convicting. And it does feel good to hear about God's unconditional love for us.

Our worship music, on the other hand, might make your grandparents a little uncomfortable. They'd be fine with the lyrical content, but the music style might be a little too contemporary for their tastes. It probably depends on your grandparents, doesn't it?

Our services employ a healthy diet of contemporary music, multi-media and practical teaching. We believe in using the best techniques and technologies we can to make the teaching easier to follow, more entertaining to watch and more likely to be remembered. So if you find it easy to drift off when a speaker goes on and on, you may find this a refreshing alternative.