Get Connected

People who visit Grace typically like what they see and come back for more. But there comes a point at which just attending services doesn't provide the spiritual growth that one would like. We believe that one of the best ways to grow spiritually is to spend time with other Christians, especially in small settings that allow you to get to know each other. Too often, people who don't get connected in this way will eventually cool off in their fervor for God and eventually quit coming altogether.

So to get the most spiritual growth and to keep your relationship with God from growing cold, we recommend getting connected with others at Grace. Here are four ways to consider doing that.

Small Groups

The friendships we make in small groups give us not only spiritual growth, but encouragement, comfort, companionship and a chance to give the same to others. You'll find a wide variety of groups here at Grace, from those that study the Bible together to those that ride motorcycles together. We've got small groups that meet at church, some that meet in homes, some that are just for women and some that are just for men. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding one that is right for you.


We offer classes that cover the basics of Christianity, secrets to great relationships, how to stretch a dollar and how to find a job. While most of these classes involve less opportunity than small gourps to mingle with others, a lot of people do begin to get to know a few others through out classes.


Volunteering to serve is like green tea—the benefits just keep coming in. By getting involved in serving, you frequently form friendships with others who are serving on the same team, you experience the fulfillment of knowing that God is using you to better the lives of others, and you actually do make an impact on the people of your community.


You are always welcome to participate in one of the many activities beyond the weekend services. Watch the events schedule or the bulletin for announcements of new, fun things happening at or through Grace Church.