Grace Church East Campus
GraceKids East 5K & 1st Grade  
(For Your Children Kindergarten through Grade 1)

GraceKids East Campus 5K & 1st Grade: 
Sundays at  9:00 am & 11:00 am

All GraceKid's Classrooms are located around the perimeter
of our Grace East Gymnasium
5K & 1st Grade Classroom #104




5K & 1st Grade Coordinator:  Chauncia Goodrich -


What to Expect:
If you have a 5 year old, Kindergartner or a 1st grader, this is the place to be.  Your child will be welcomed into the room with warm smiles and high-fives. The kids get to have their large group Bible teaching and worship time along with the 1st graders. This room is designed with a fun atmosphere that helps the kids feel like they are ready for great things.  Using visuals in a new and fun way, our gifted teachers bring the Word of God alive to your child.